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I want to live in Italy, because I love everything about it, but I also want to live in Washington, because that’s home. So maybe I’ll have a tree house in the countryside of Italy, lots of pet foxes, work as a really-highly paid important person (that should really be a job) and then go to Washington for the holidays to my cabin and sleep until 11 every morning, and maybe ski, too. yesssss.

that’s the dream life. not exactly sure it will happen, but it’s nice to think about.

that’s what I’ll do when I’m done with stressful, tiring, dramatic, all-consuming school here in dusty, hot, boring Dakar. okay, so Dakar isn’t all those things. but in comparison to the dreams of my Italian lifestyle, it certainly is.


lily the poet????

hello, I’ve decided to share a poem I wrote a while ago that isn’t a very happy poem and I don’t think it’s that good anyway, but here it is. it’s short, so this blog post will probably be short, too.




what did you think? was it good? what do you think the meaning is?

HAHA just kidding! that isn’t the real poem. the real one is below, with a picture:


snow cone man


big, strong hands handed

the perfect moon of ice

a cold paper cone for a cold paper girl

she said thank you like she was singing

the blues

sad he thought

he was the big man behind the counter

and he had no words he wanted

to say something

to assure her don’t worry it’s alright

you probably won’t ever feel so sad

or be so blue

as the guy in my freezer



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