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Another genius hour, come and gone…

I wanted to do something fun this time around, and be able to use it and share it even after the project presentation. So I began looking around, and I have an old friend who makes “slime” and sells it to others, and makes it for her friends. She’s a slime expert, and I wanted to channel her hobby into my project. So, I made slime! And not just any old slime. I made sparkly Valentine’s Day slime, that was clear and had little red sparkles suspended inside. The point of this whole ordeal was not only to make squishy, sparkly stuff but to use it for a good cause. Slime is meant to be squeezed and played with, yes? You see, the motion of squeezing and then relaxing your hand, that clench-and-release feeling, translates to the rest of your muscles. When you squeeze hard, you tense up, and then when you let go, you relax your body and feel looser. It relieves stress! So I thought that maybe if I make slime, not only only would people enjoy it, it could help them relax. Thus, my project was born: Making slime for stress relief!

look how pretty it is!

The first thing I needed to do was figure out how exactly to make slime. The key ingredient is always Borax, a laundry-detergent like chemical. This was easy enough, but soon I found a problem. I kept adding way to much of it, even though I was following the recipe! My slime kept coming out chunky and powdery. But then I problem-solved and figured out that if I put only half of what the recipe had told me, and heated it with water to better dissolve the powder, my slime would turn out fine. It was lovely and pretty, and so amusing to fool with and squeeze. I am pretty sure it took stress away, but maybe that is my imagination.

Then I needed to film myself making it, make a video, and then talk for 10-20 seconds about the slime I had made, finally showing the class the video I made using iMovie. This is where my second problem occurred. The video turned out fine, except for some of the pictures with text on them were cut off through a feature I couldn’t figure out how to turn off. But the problem was in the exporting of the video itself, from the iMovie app on my iPad. Literally nothing worked: Saving it to my camera roll failed. Trying to email it didn’t work. Converting to another file did nothing. Connecting the iPad directly to the projector wasn’t possible. Praying was ineffective. Literally NOTHING could export the file, making me believe that something is wrong with the iPad itself. So, my plans are to show it from the iPad screen to my teacher, so he can see it from there. As a result, I cannot link the video to this post 🙁

Image result for sad ipad clipart

bad, bad iPad

In all, I learned that as much as the slime de-stressed me, the presentation process just added 3x more stress than before. Next time, I will just make a PowerPoint and risk breaching the time-limit. And I now know to ask my savvy friend for her recipe (if she will indulge) so I can make the goo correctly the first three times. I did test the slime out on my dad, and he endorsed it as a tool for de-stressing. So it works! And my iPad does not! In addition, this helped me grow as a person particularly in the problem-solving area of my head, because I needed to figure out solutions to a lot of the problems I was presented with. I also felt more generous than usual as I let other people besides my dad touch the slime (through the plastic bag).

For my next genius hour project, I am thinking about researching domesticated foxes and how that could help pet lovers expand their horizons, because who doesn’t love pets?! Or, because it is such a recent phenomenon, it could help scientists in general discover more about the process of domestication. I’m thinking about this because I do love foxes a lot, and I want to transmogrify that love into something useful for science.

do want

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