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on December 7, 2016

the *click* was supposed to be a cool camera noise. in case you didn’t get that 🙂 ANYWAY this post is dedicated to my love for photography and cameras.

I have been taking pictures of things since I was in, maybe 4th grade. that’s when my mom gave in to Apple and finally bought the iPhone 4. immediately I was taking pictures. at first it was random, like a photo of our street, my cat, flower, etc. but soon my dad dug out an old camera of his grandfather’- the kind that needs film and takes grainy, grayish-lavender pictures. what did I do with this new prize of mine? I went out into the neighborhood to take pictures of flowers, the street, some cats, my dad, etc. this model is actually so old that I searched and searched and I couldn’t find a pic of it online.

a week later, after a trip to the drug store to develop the film, I received a sleeve of shiny photos. I stared at them for a long time, especially the one of the lilies I saw growing tall in someone’s yard. I remembered one of them was hot pink with yellow stripes, but in the photo, without its defining colors, it looked like a ghost. there were more; some of them were shots from underneath, the leafy stem extending high and splitting off into the pale, lifeless petals. out of focus; dreamlike.

my second camera was an eternal switch off of disposable cameras. no words can describe my hate for those piece-a-junk cameras.

my third camera was a sleek, blue Kodak that my grandmother sent to all of the grand kids. by then, I was in 5th grade, and had figured out what qualifies as a ‘good’ picture and how to take one. for the first time, the camera had settings that could change the outcome of the picture, like exposure, zoom, etc. what did I do with this new, innovative tool (that broke itself 6 months later)? I took some really aesthetic pictures of my cat.

Image result for Kodak EasyShare Sport C123 12 MP Waterproof Digital Camera (Blue)×300/BLU-C123-FB-R-unit.jpg

now, I can probably predict what you’re thinking. wow, who let this girl even ten feet from any form of picture-taking device? but don’t worry! photography is fascinating to me, and I always want to learn more (I think the whole concept is very poetic), so I didn’t suck at cameras for very long. soon, I began using my iPhone to take pictures. this was a huge improvement, because I actually understood how it worked, and how to edit the exposure and lighting. recently, my dad sent me a set of iPhone lenses, which were really fun to play with. I used the close-up lens on the one of my eye:


this Christmas, I will be able to fulfill my love of photography once and for all. I’m getting a whole new kind of camera: what one would call a dSLR (fancy camera). this will allow me to take any kind of picture that I want. I’m excited! lily’s journey through the world of picture-taking continues…

Image result for d3300


photography is one of my passions. here is some extra info about it, if you’re interested. and here’s some cool pictures to look at.

and now I ask you: what do you think about the art of photo-taking? what is your passion?

6 Responses to “*click*”

  1. Alexander says:

    Hi my name is Alexander. I’m not much of a photographer but it seems like it would be something cool to do.I have a camera an old one at that but I don’t ever use it anymore.Anyway, I like what you did there at the beginning, it made be chuckle. Maybe you could check out my blog at

    • lily says:

      Hi Alexander! Old cameras are cool, but sometimes they can’t do a lot of the stuff new cameras can. I’ll have to check out your blog!

  2. fatimaisd20 says:

    OMG LIlian!
    I have the same exact passion! I love the pictures you take. I’ve actually been looking for a camera for a while now. Are you team Nikon or team Canon?
    I also have a post with the pictures that I have taken.
    It’s fun knowing that people close to you have the same interest.
    Love your post and humor in the beginning BTW!

    • lily says:

      That’s super cool! I don’t really know which side is better, but I guess I’m team Nikon as of dec.25th! I’ll have to check out that post soon. Thanks for the comment <3

  3. Jasim says:

    Hey Lily,
    This is a very interesting post about your adventures through different cameras. Glad to see you are getting a Nikon DSLR for Christmas.
    I am also very interested in photography, but I’m not a professional. I know how to adjust things like the exposure, focus, zoom, aperture, white balance and so on and I usually practice this on either my phone (which has a very nice 20 megapixel camera) and my parent’s DSLR.
    This post made a very interesting read. Thanks for sharing!

    • lily says:

      Jasim! It’s cool that we have a common passion, even though me, I don’t really know what I’m doing yet, haha. Thanks for commenting!

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