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on November 29, 2016

wow, the first time I wrote the word ‘community’ I wrote it with three m’s, haha. hence the title.

ANYWAY… time to discuss community. I guess you could say I’m a part of many communities, such as the isd community, edublogs community, American embassy community, non-religious community, etc. but today I want to focus on the ultimate frisbee community in Dakar.

basically, this community is a group of students and adults who gather at our field to play sports with a frisbee. we have lots of beginners and experts with us playing, so it’s really fun, but also serious. serious fun. I’ve been playing frisbee since the 3rd grade, so it’s nice to have a community of people just like me. that’s one of the many values of being in a community: you feel like you’re a part of something/supported, which helps you make new friends.

however, being in a community can also be a bad thing, because if two communities oppose each other, it’s difficult to mix them/make friends within the opposite community. in other words, you might be judged by the communities you’re a part of, which isn’t such a good thing. prejudice shouldn’t be allowed within communities, but maybe that’s my opinion.

comment below: what communities are you a part of?


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