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commenting part 2

on November 17, 2016

hello guys,

this is my second post about commenting. there are two because it’s very important; connecting all over the web is vital to the core of the challenge, which is to meet and learn about new students online, all over the world. I’ve left countless comments for this same reason!


for week 6 on the blog challenge, I left comments on Jennifer’s blog post┬ácomplementing her on her vivid details, Emma’s blog post┬ácommenting on how inspired by her encouraging post I was, and finally Mallory’s blog post┬ábecause we both love the same book series!

anyway, I think so far commenting has been really good. I enjoy connecting with others overseas, but it’s annoying how sometimes they don’t reply. I’ve found many interesting posts- many things to read and comment one! However I don’t get a lot of comments, which is probably because my blog hasn’t got a lot of exposure. oh well.

here are some ways you can comment on mine and other’s blogs to start a conversation:

  • yes, and…
  • this makes me think/reminds me of…
  • one thing I like about this post is…

well, seeya soon!

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